Swiftwater Training Safety & Rescue

International accredited Rescue3 Training in Ireland

Confined Space Rescue Courses

Confined spaces pose specific hazards to those working in the full range of industrial environments. Rescue teams that are tasked with performing confined space technical rescues must also have the appropriate training to meet their operational need. Rescue 3 Europe offers a range of confined space courses, at all levels, from awareness, through to gas monitoring, rescue technician, and instructor level. Rescue 3’s instructors draw upon years of experience and training in order to impart this specialised knowledge, to internationally recognised standards. Safe working in Confined Spaces (SWCS)

The Safe Working in Confined Spaces (SWCS)

Course provides insight into the dangers that workers face when working in confined spaces and the current legislation in this area. Often, workers are faced with working in confined spaces during their jobs. Employment regulations clearly state that this must be done safely. Duration

6 hours (1 day)

Confined space entry and rescue (CSER)

Everyone who works in confined spaces may be faced with a colleague who is incapacitated and requires rescue. The Confined Space Entry and Rescue (CSER) course teaches participants to deal with that situation. Using simple techniques and industry standard equipment, you will learn how you can free a colleague from a dangerous situation in confined spaces. The rapid release of this trapped person must be your highest priority, to prevent further injury. In accordance with the law on working conditions and the consequent duty of care, an employer is required to prepare employees for this possible scenario. Generally, with a few simple tools, this problem can easily be solved. Duration

12 hours (2 days)

Confined space rescue operator (CSRO)

The Confined Space Rescue Operator (CSRO) course introduces the knowledge and skills required by personnel to operate safely and effectively during confined space rescues and be an active part of a confined space rescue team working under the supervision of Confined Space Rescue Technicians. Topics that are covered include: hazards of confined spaces, gas detection, legislation and guidelines on the area of confined spaces, knowledge of knots, loads and forces, building anchors, using pulley systems, use of tripod, self-climbing and rappelling, lowering and hoisting of rescuer and victim, standard configurations, stretchers used for confined space, situation analysis and incident management around incidents in confined spaces. Duration

30 hours (5 days)

Emergency Stand By Teams

Swiftwater Training has a team of specialists that can be deploy for various activities and safety projects. The SAR team can perform specialized work in confined spaces, at heights and on or around the water. They often used rope access techniques that allow them to perform certain activities in hard to reach areas.

Rope Access is widely used in situations where access by other means is difficult or impossible, such as in towers, (factory) halls, theatres, etc. The SAR team may undertake work in many different locations and can be used for various activities in areas such as, construction, confined spaces, in and around the water etc.

It is also possible to provide a support team to complement your existing team so that these people can carry out specific activities for your team, where your team is not equipped for specific rescue.

In addition to running operations, we also advise whether we can protect your worksite so you can continue your work safely.

As one of the few teams in Ireland, the SAR team can be deployed as a stand-by rescue team so a rescue can be done in case of emergencies. The SAR team specializes in rescue at height, confined space and water. The members of the SAR team also have medical knowledge, so they can apply first aid directly.

If desired it is also possible to only deliver expertise for specific business to complement your incident management process. For example, you can alert an external consultant to give consultation that can assist you in large-scale or complex emergencies and advise you on specific fields.

Because safety is our main concern, we conduct our work according to working conditions regulations and legislation. Prior to every project we developed a risk analysis. We only work with certified people and materials.

If you want to know about the possibilities, please contact us by sending an email to swiftwatertraining@gmail.com